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The only fitness network that can help users easily find Trainers, Health Clubs, Studios and Fitness Specialists. GymHit helps users connect with friends and social networks to get the most from your workouts.

XGT Fitness


iOS & Android Apps


XGT is about being a better you. More than you thought you could be. Functionally fit to take on whatever challenge is waiting for you when you walk out of the box. But this isn’t you against the world. XGT gives you the very best workout possible, in a safe, fun group setting. A community constantly encouraging and pushing each other to go as hard as they can.



Hey Lady shoes fuses classic-with-a-twist style, Nasa memory foam technology, and a sparkly personality into the perfect fit for brides, bridesmaids, MOBs, & dancing queens. They rebel against “fast-fashion” with one-of-a-kind heirloom designs that are as unique as the wearer itself. Special occasion heels effortlessly chic & comfortable enough to literally stand the test of time.

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